2 July 2020

Capture Your Customer’s Heart “Create an emotional connection with your customer.”

Read my summary of “Turning Rants Into Raves” to learn more about how “every customer interaction has two dimensions, human and business. The human dimension involves your emotions and interpersonal skills (listening, empathy, demonstrating appreciation, sympathy, acts and gestures of kindness and caring), while the business dimension involves your technical or task skills (problem-solving, asking questions, follow-up, product knowledge). Turning Rants Into Raves

15 April 2020

Virtual Improv Is Here! Sister company, Yes Unlimited, goes on-line to deliver team building, leadership, and more.

https://www.yesunlimited.ca/virtual-improvVirtual Improv Is Here — Yes Unlimited Improvisation for Business

18 January 2020

Great conversations with students at the 12th Annual U of T Next Steps Conference


3 October 2018

Great Place to Work Canada Conference 2019! We’re back with more Improv!

Great response to our 2018 keynote: The Power of Improv to Transform Teams

Tracy and Ralph provided a great experience for attendees at our conference! There was phenomenal engagement in the room and attendees visibly improved their communication and team-building ability in just a short space of time. They really guided the audience well and made them feel comfortable with being vulnerable on stage, speaking up in their groups and exercising the communication strategies that make all leaders and teams successful. I recommend them for any organization wanting to help workers build confidence and develop ideas as a collective group.

Jose Tolovi Neto
Managing Partner – Great Place to Work Canada

We’ve been invited back for 2019!

Great Place to Work Canada Conference – 2019 – Tracy and Ralph invited back to host improv workshops for HR leaders.