5 October 2017

Improv @ Work


Working with The University of Toronto on an improvisation course for graduating students. Experiential learning, through techniques like improv, impact the brain and improve elasticity. Read more about the value of new experiences here: How You Learn is How You Live.

17 April 2017

Improv Your Interviewing and Presentation Skills


Do you break into a sweat at the very thought of a job interview, or presentation? Do you have career-related stage fright? Improvising can teach you how to reduce anxiety, stay in the moment and respond to questions in an authentic way. Improv workshops will teach you how to stop worrying in high-stress situations. Not to mention, improv is fun.

Jump B2B and The Social Capital Theatre are working with The University of Toronto on helping graduates Improv their Career Skills: U of T Next Steps Conference, 2017

Contact us for information about how we can customize a workshop for you: [email protected], 647-625-1440.

16 September 2016

Learn More About The Power of Improv: Attend the Share Love Celebrate Speakers Series!


Talking about “Yes, And!” The Power of Improvisation to Transform Your Business and Life at the SHARE ~ LOVE ~ CELEBRATE Speakers Series. Tickets available here: Meet award-winning and international speakers, authors, and entrepreuners!

22 July 2016

Through improvisation you can create and establish an innovative corporate culture.

The power of “yes, and…” leads your team towards greater collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Read more about this powerful business tool: Brain Disruption: Radical Innovation in Business through Improv

31 May 2016

Mentoring graduating students at the University of Toronto

Nextsteps23jpgNextstepsconference - Copy

Alumni volunteer at the fantastic U of T “Next Steps” conference, in April. Beautiful room and audience for keynote speaker.

26 April 2016

Reading to Expand Business Knowledge

One great way to expand your business knowledge and outlook is – surprise – reading. Check out the free on-line resource “Actionable Books” to read summaries of top business books before you choose your next topic. As a guest writer, I like to write about books that will impact my work in some way. Whether you want to “Get Unstuck & Get Going,” “Step into the Spotlight,” or learn how to “Market Smart” there will be valuable insights to help your business grow. Have a look at my summaries and then review others by clicking on the “free summaries” section: Actionable Books Summaries by Tracy.

8 March 2016

Connecting Marketing and Sales for Powerful Results

Marketing and sales leaders know that cross functional collaboration, between their two teams, is critical to achieving success. Having worked on both sides of the equation, I learned the reality is that the two groups often have different priorities – and the challenge is finding a center point through which to work together effectively. Connecting the dots between marketing and sales is what Jump B2B is all about. Contact us to grow your business by linking your marketing and sales activities, to consistently communicate with, and nurture, your customers and prospects.


Tracy Shea-Porter, Founder & CEO

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