Jump B2B

About Our Work

Link your marketing and sale activities, consistently communicate and nurture.

About Us

Jump B2B helps you link your marketing and sales activities so you are consistently communicating with, and nurturing, your customers and prospects.

How do you communicate now? Are there any gaps? Do your efforts sync with your CRM?

Create an on-going conversation with your customers and prospects by linking your communications channels. Send your client base relevant information when they need to hear from you – in the way they like to receive your news. Experience the rewards of continuous contact.

We will review your communications mix: social media, direct calling, email, website, internet, mobile, advertising, public relations, and special events. The next step: Linking your activities to a CRM to initiate and nurture your business relationships.

Strategic Planning

We can review your current plan, help you revise your direction, or start a plan from scratch.

Communications Mix

Your communications mix will vary, depending on your type of business. Let’s assess how you nurture your customers and prospects today.

Warm & Cold Calling

Ask us about our 6 Steps to Meaningful, Authentic, Business Calling.

CRM Partnerships

How do you capture, and track, information about your customers and prospects? Do you have a CRM? We can fine-tune your process or help you partner with the right CRM provider for you.

Strategic List Development

How do you reach out to new potential customers? Do you need a list broker? We can also help you source lists through our list broker partnerships.